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Thank you for visiting HOA Insurance Policy (.com). Our page was designed to explain the purpose of HOA Insurance and why it is good to have. HOA Insurance Policy (.com) is a partner site of HOA Management (.com) where users all over the United States begin their search for a professional management company. Our desire is for communities to find the right management company for them and grow in understanding of HOA Insurance.

Most people know about the importance of insurance. Sometimes it can seem unnoticed, but when damage occurs at your home, Insurance is the first place homeowners call. There are many different types of HOA Insurance, but most HOA’s are responsible for buying insurance that covers all public areas of their community.

The common areas in a development such as roofs, stairways, parks, elevators, and pools are typically covered by HOA Insurance. There are also insurance policies that are put in place to protect homeowners and employees from lawsuits against them. Homeowner fees normally pay for any type of insurance for the HOA.

An investment such as a home, can be the biggest expense people own. Having a home to call your own and do whatever you want with is such a blessing and is something people spend their lives striving for. To be safe with your investment, HOA Insurance is the way to go! One can never know when a fire gets started or a tropical storm comes your way. It is always wise to have a back-up plan when emergencies occur and that is the reason behind having an HOA Insurance Policy.



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